Kiwi Fed Cup captain Neil Carter Resigns

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Kiwi Fed Cup captain Neil Carter Resigns

Tennis - New Zealand's Fed Cup captain Neil Carter has resigned from his position, 15 months after being appointed in the role. Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, Carter says, "I don't really want to comment. I just feel this needs to be dealt with internally, initially.

There are clearly issues — I am not going to lie — and some far-reaching ones but I want to see how the next few weeks pan out. Hopefully, there will be some steps forward and my successor won't need to face the same issues.

It's a role I have worked all my life for, and I had almost given up on the chance of taking it. I've loved the to feel like I have to resign is quite sad. But I will continue to help the players as much as possible — nothing changes from that point of view — it's just that I am no longer Fed Cup coach."

Tennis New Zealand CEO Julie Paterson also confirmed the news, saying that his resignation will not impact the women's team, who are also well connected to others in Tennis New Zealand such as Christophe Lambert, National performance coach and Simon Rea, Tennis NZ high performance director.

"Neil has been very committed [to the team] and has supported them in making some good progress in a pretty short time [so] it is disappointing. His discussion with me on Friday was that he would like to pursue other coaching that he has got underway at the moment.

That's fair enough, it's a very part-time job and we have a pretty limited budget. It's always a challenge keeping quality people. We have made good progress with the women's team and they are really well connected with Christophe [Lambert, national performance coach] and Simon [Rea, Tennis NZ high performance director].

We have got quality coaches in our programme, it's just a shame that Neil felt he couldn't continue with it. Neil has done some really good stuff and we recognise his commitment, passion and engagement with the team which has been fantastic, but he is not doing it on his own.

He is part of a wider team. I believe we are heading in the right direction." A search for a replacement coach will begin immediately with the Kiwis next Fed Cup tie being held in June.