The Naomi Osaka Decision: Fixing things, but are they broken?

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The Naomi Osaka Decision: Fixing things, but are they broken?

"Since I was working with [Bajin]--and I tend to be a bit negative on myself--I feel like I've gotten a little bit more optimistic...I fight myself a lot, so he's sort of been like the peacemaker," Naomi Osaka had explained.

She's gone from an insecure, super shy young player with great potential to a more secure, consistent player who has accumulated one premier title at 2018 Indian Wells to a few grand slams: the 2018 U.S. Open and the 2019 Australian Open and has become number one in the world.

This is more than most players in a tennis career have accomplished. but things happen, beliefs and attitudes change, situations get in the way and the coach gets sacked. It was a total shock for most upon reading from Naomi Osaka's social media that she says "..I will no longer be working together with Sascha.

I thank him for his work and wish him all the best in the future.: Osaka has only had three coaches in her career thus far not including Bajin. One was her dad, Leonard Francois from the time she was three years old. The start of getting serious and playing on the ITF Women's Circuit she had Patrick Tauma beginning in 2013 working with him at the ISP Academy.

The following year it was Harold Solomon at the Harold Solomon Tennis Academy. Osaka wasn't able to earn any ITF titles but through hard work and determination turned pro in 2013. Sascha Bajin served as hitting partners for Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka and Caroline Wozniacki.

He has never been known as a full-fledged coach and took on the position in 2017 as Naomi Osaka's coach during her less than successful, up and down times. She was ranked as just under 50 when they paired and under Bajin had acquired the rise of being a top 5 player (now number one), title holder at Indian Wells and U.S.

Open and Australian Open champion. With the release of Sascha Bajin as her coach she knows the importance it is and probably has another one in the works. It is obvious that without a coach's security to emotionally keep her grounded and successful on the tennis court, her performances may start to unravel.

The elevation of Naomi Osaka's talents and skills are extraordinary and if she keep on the path of positivity, victories will continue to come her way whatever coach it will be. The tennis community has seen Osaka's on court meltdowns and are probably wishing her well and the best in the future if she doesn't get a coach that seems to have catered to her emotional ups and downs as Sascha Bajin has.