Naomi Osaka hired new coach - Full details

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Naomi Osaka hired new coach - Full details

Through her official Twitter account, Naomi Osaka announced she has joined forces with the former Venus Williams's hitting partner Jermaine Jenkins who will probably serve as her coach in the upcoming tournaments. Last month Osaka split with her coach Sascha Bajin and she looked for a replacement for a while.

"Had a great dinner with the team, also taking this moment to thank Jermaine for joining us and coming on board lol", wrote Osaka. In a press conference at last month's Dubai Open following her loss to Kristina Mladenovic in the opening round, Osaka said: "I'm sort of notoriously - I hope I said that right - tough on myself.

Yeah, it's something that I've adopted recently. Before the US Open, I lost those three matches in a row. I was just thinking, like, Wow, am I ever going to do anything in my life? Yeah, I was thinking to take it one match at a time.

Even if something happens this year that is not necessarily good for me, I need to look at all the positive things that I've done." Has the reaction to the coaching situation surprised you? Is that part of a learning process? "Sort of.

I don't think I necessarily understand what position I'm in, in a way, because last year I wasn't even anywhere close to this ranking. People didn't pay attention to me. That's something that I'm comfortable with.

I don't know why I'm crying. Yeah. I don't know why this is happening."