Me and Elina Svitolina fully live our love, says Gael Monfils

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Me and Elina Svitolina fully live our love, says Gael Monfils

In an interview with Le Parisien at the Marseille Open in February, Gael Monfils commented on his romantic relationship with Elina Svitolina. The Frenchman and the Ukrainian have been dating each other for some months now and made their relationship public in January, during the Australian Open.

"Everything is good, thank you! My previous relationships could help," said Monfils. "I have often mentioned personal problems but they were not connected to my girlfriends all the time! There, we are popular because we are public figures.

But we show what we want to on social media because it's our generation and so there are no questions. With Eli, we are really happy. We fully live our love and there are a lot of happiness moments behind it." Is it easier to share one's life with a player? "It's just different.

For me, she is not a tennis player. If she played football (soccer) or cricket, I would still go seeing her in Dubai. Sometimes it happened that I would be back home to see a girlfriend who could not travel. We are together because we love each other.

We have things in common and we will understand a little easier some things. Then your girlfriend can have any job, it will help you just with her words and support." At 32 years of age, Monfils feels he is improving as a person: "I have a different pleasure and analysis.

I try to be less angry, even more natural. I just do what I want. There are more personal and deeper things on which I would like to progress in order to make my game improve as well."