Here is when ATP will announce decision about 2021-25 host city

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Here is when ATP will announce decision about 2021-25 host city

A lot of buzz in Italy has been happening lately around the possibility of seeing Turin hosting the ATP Finals from 2021 to 2025. According to the newspaper Il Corriere Della Sera, ATP will announce the hoster city next week, during the Miami Open.

The men's tennis has been very busy about the topic surrounding the Chief Executive Chris Kermode, but authorities are rumoured to already have taken the decision about the place that will welcome the top eight players event.

Tokyo and Singapore have a lot of chances due to strong economical conditions, and then there are London and Manchester. London has been hosting the ATP Finals since 2009 but last year there was a decrease of thousands of spectators coming to the O2 Arena.

Turin seems the weakest part, but they may have some possibility as well as during that part of the season players compete in Europe, specifically Paris Bercy, and going back to Asia would be a problem. In the same time, if Tokyo or Singapore are chosen we may see the Asian swing taking place in late October and not early.

The Italian Government put €78 million on the table in order to continue its bid to host the event. One of the country's main politicians, Matteo Salvini, briefly commented on the topic, saying that Turin's tennis bid may be a boost to host the 2026 Winter Olympic Games as well.

"If money to potentially host the ATP Finals, which are important and fascinating, was found, it's obvious that the Government aims to run an even bigger project", said Salvini on Monday.