Casey Dellacqua welcomes a baby boy

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Casey Dellacqua welcomes a baby boy

Former Grand Slam Champion Casey Dellacqua recently announced the birth of her third child - Jesse James Judd. The former World No.3, who retired from tennis last year has two kids with her partner Amanda Judd - five-year-old son Blake Benjamin and two-year-old daughter Andie.

While the family has now become five, it is the first time Dellacqua has carried one of their pair’s children. Announcing it on social media, Dellacqua said, “Bursting with joy and hearts are so full with the safe arrival of our beautiful son Jesse James Judd - 12th March 2019 - 12.18pm - 4.2kg (yep i birth them big ) - 54cms @AjayJudd#familyof5”.

Last year in November, she spoke about carrying the baby. “Amanda has done most of the hard work till now, giving birth to our first two," the Australian told AAP. "Obviously she allowed me to continue with my sport and to do what I love, which is great...

But, as a female, pregnancy was something I wanted to experience as well and we always knew we wanted three children so it was my turn to carry." She also spoke about having no regrets leaving the sport. “I could have had a long successful career in doubles going well in to my 40s, I guess, but it’s not something I ever even thought about since the kids have come along,” Dellacqua said.

“For me, the kids are only young once and I had kids because I wanted to be around and spend a lot of time with them”.