Bianca Andreescu is on a smooth road at Indian Wells to capture a title

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Bianca Andreescu is on a smooth road at Indian Wells to capture a title

Indian Wells didn't only present to Bianca Andreescu the beautiful mountain tops and deserts but a heap of competition that she was just itching to experience despite the results. The Canadian has already defeated a few longtime WTA players and Qiang Wang, a feisty Asian player nearly ten years older than the teen had a difficult time handling her.

But the Canadian worked with them the best way she knew how by staying determined and wanting to win no matter what. "This match I just tried to focus on the right tactics...I kept my composure," Andreescu had said.

She did that and from the first set was able to crawl ahead of Wang 3-1, showing her dominance and strategies. She showed comfort at moving in and putting away a volley that Wang should have seized the point but didn't.

Andreescu stung the Asian with a good rally and then opening up the court to blast a shot straight through. She won the first set 7-5 and the second was filled with aggression despite Wang giving it all she had. It didn't prove enough.

The Canadian kept gaining points but Wang did her usual fight but unforced errors were adding up on her side. Andreescu admitted that her strategy was "..just changing the rhythm...I've been fooling all of the players with all of my junk..."

she laughingly said. It wasn't long before the rally was ended by a down-the-line that brought the Canadian victory. She gave a sign of the cross on her chest and took off her wrist band, signifying her win of the match.

She was just so glad to have gotten through to the quarterfinals and remarked that "I've been through a lot with injuries..." But the quarterfinals that Andreescu might have had some apprehension since she'd be playing Garbine Muguruza, all disappeared when she set foot on the court.

The Spaniard has a deep resume of winning the 2016 French and 2017 Wimbledon titles along with four others and 5 doubles crowns. There weren't any butterflies in Andreescu's bag but a whole lot of confidence as she believes in herself and relaxingly put it all out there to dismantle Muguruza whose game plan lacked any sting or determination.

It might be called mystified is what the grand slam winner seemed like because she didn't execute hardly any winners throughout both sets. "Eight minutes in and it's already 3 to love from the teenager from Canada", Commentator Mary Carillo had remarked.

Andreescu dropped a sliced drop shot nearly the second shot of the match to Muguruza and she was unable to reach it. As the Canadian teen kept racking up points, Muguruza kept accumulating unforced errors. When the break came her coach Sam Sumyk came down desperate to set a spark to her to do better saying "you do something, you...make a choice."

But it seems Muguruza dealt her own set of bad cards and just couldn't conjure up any rhythm or stroke execution whatsoever. There was nothing that Muguruza, unfortunately, could do right and there wasn't a thing that Andreescu could do wrong.

It wasn't even an hour that passed and Bianca Andreescu was waving to the crowd as she'd made it safely through the quarterfinals scoring 6-0, 6-1 without breaking a sweat. At the interview desk with Leif Shiras he'd asked her to give her take on such a fast, magnificent win as she moves into the semifinals. She gave a broad smile and said matter-of-factly "Today I think I just had a really good day!"