Novak Djokovic finds a new challenge and a different attitude in tennis

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Novak Djokovic finds a new challenge and a different attitude in tennis

"I like my chances more at night against Kohlschreiber, but it wasn't to be last night and it was raining, but completely different conditions today...I wasn't feeling, I wasn't playing well and it was one of those days..."

Novak Djokovic said at press conference time of his loss. He went down in straight sets 6-4, 6-4 in the third round at Indian Wells. It was the tenth time they've played together in their careers with Djokovic winning 8 times.

But for Philipp Kohlschreiber, it was the biggest win and first win over a number one player in his career. Djokovic mentioned of being glad of belonging in the same circles with Federer and Nadal. The same thing happening to Rafa of a surprising loss at the hands of Djokovic at the Australian Open final in three straight sets.

But Djokovic analyzed his performance saying "I thought I was in good form. I was practicing just have to deal with it and move on and turn the next page..." He could have meant a few ideas as concentrating on the next tournament as the Miami Open.

The focus would be on perfecting his game more and just staying determined. It also could mean on thinking more about doubles. Djokovic chose to play doubles with Italy's Fabio Fognini and has had success going deep into the semifinals; a thought that he could have never predicted at sign up time.

"It's been a lot of fun playing doubles with Fognini this week. The crowd was fantastic...they get into it...I think doubles in the last 6 or 7 years has gotten into a higher level of recognition...we need doubles for sure...but it's an individual decision..."

he explained. Djokovic's loss had a few symptoms from the start. The opening round he played Bjorn Fratangelo, but wasn't his best, yet he won a challenging 7-6, 6-2 match. The it was the third round playing no. 39 ranked Philipp Kohlschreiber.

They were scheduled to play Monday but due to rain the match after one game had to be continued on Tuesday in the daytime. The momentum that Djokovic had for the short time Monday, was weakened the next day. The Serbian shakes his head and gets over the loss, looking forward to two situations for him in tennis.

One, is doing the best he can with his doubles partner Fabio Fognini who they have combined talents and may get into the final perhaps earning a title at Indian Wells. It's been nine years since winning at doubles for Djokovic with the 2010 Queen's Club Championships in England with Jonathan Erlich and to add to his doubles title would be grand.

The other situation is to perfect his game and do well, go deep at the Miami Open. The season is three months in and Djokovic knows he has lots to look forward to with defending his title in some tournaments and just doing as well as he can in others.