15-year-old Gauff to earn one million dollar in 2019 also thanks to Federer

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15-year-old Gauff to earn one million dollar in 2019 also thanks to Federer

Cori Gauff is probably the most promising youngest player on the WTA Tour. The 15-year-old American will earn $1 million from endorsements this year, including a significant amount from a deal with Barilla, the pasta producer company that features as one of his main ambassadors the 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer.

The Swiss signed a roughly estimated $40 million agreement for five years with Barilla, and without a doubt, the Team 8 Management company, founded by Federer and his agent Tony Godsick, that represents Gauff, played a key role in the negotiations.

"I try to. I think I can get better at that, but I tried -- but lately, I have been trying to watch and see what players do", said Gauff in Miami. "Obviously I like seeing the women play, but I really like watching the men play, because I try to serve big.

So I kind of try to see how they place their serves, what patterns they go to when it's 30-All or deuce. Yeah, I love watching Tennis Channel. Tennis Channel is always on in my house. It's kind of weird seeing the players saying hi to me that I have been watching on TV for a long time."

On how it feels to compete at the Hard Rock Stadium, Gauff concluded: "I'm kind of familiar just watching. My dad took us to Dolphins games and Hurricanes games, so I kind of knew how it was. Obviously, it's so weird seeing tennis courts, because, Oh, my God, this is concrete.

This was a grass parking lot. So it's kind of weird. But, like, I never was able to go, like, down here behind the scenes, and I think we are in the Dolphins locker room, women's locker room, pretty sure, and it's pretty nice."