David Miley Confirms Bid to become ITF President

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David Miley Confirms Bid to become ITF President

Tennis - David Miley has confirmed his intention to run for the post of President of the International Tennis Federation. Miley will be hoping to take over from American David Haggerty as President. Haggerty became President of the ITF in 2015 and is seeking to be re-elected for another four-year term.

Miley, who hails from Ireland, has been working with the ITF for 25 years in various positions, including as Director of Tennis Development. Speaking to reporters in Miami, Miley commented, “My strategy was to have a press conference and give out my manifesto in three languages and then to travel to 60 plus countries around the world meeting the presidents, articulating my vision.

Then on March 4 the ITF introduced a new code of conduct, which is very different from the old one, the one David Haggerty campaigned under in 2015. What the code says is that until the end of May, when they announce the candidates, I am not allowed to give out any material related to my candidacy.

I can’t go to the regional meetings, which all take place before the end of May and is where all 150 plus countries will be meeting. I am not allowed to go around to the federations to talk to all the presidents unless all the candidates come with me.

Look I don’t want to sound like the victim because I’m going to continue to do a positive campaign with tennis at the forefront and I think I have a very good chance. But I was only made aware of and received the new code on March 4 when it was approved by the board last October”.

Addressing these concerns raised by Miley, the ITF said in a statement, “The election rules were delegated by the ITF Board to the Election Panel, which forms part of the Independent ITF Ethics Commission. The Election Panel approved the rules and oversees the process in the upcoming election”.