Nick Kyrgios is a genius, says Judy Murray

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Nick Kyrgios is a genius, says Judy Murray

On Twitter, Andy Murray's mother, Judy, praised Nick Kyrgios's win over Dusan Lajovic at the Miami Open. The Australian prevailed in straight sets hitting tweeners, no look shots and undearm serves. Judy wrote: "The underarm serve.

The whole point of tennis competition is to disrupt ur opponents game by applying pressure through changing the speed, spin, direction, depth or height of the ball. And that includes the serve. Kyrgios is a genius. I’m surprised more players don’t do it.

Not many people understand genius. So they try to get genius to conform to something they do understand. He has uncanny instinct and vision. He’s unpredictable and his hand skills are phenomenal. Yes he’s inconsistent mentally but he’s still a genius in my eyes."

The six-time Major winner Boris Becker didn't agree with Judy: "I would be careful with the word/description „Genius „ since it should be used for very few people in any sport!!! Some of the big names come to mind you usually win something important.."

Although the underarm serve is allowed in professional tennis, it is not widely-accepted among everyone. Kyrgios has been using the underarm serve with success this year. Earlier, in Acapulco, he used the underarm serve in his match against Rafael Nadal before winning that match.

Now, he repeated his actions in Miami as well. However, Kyrgios' run in Miami was brought to an end by Borna Coric on Tuesday in the fourth round.