Tennis stars react to Notre Dame fire

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Tennis stars react to Notre Dame fire

Rafael Nadal has lead the charge of tennis players to pay their respects to Paris after the historic Notre Dame cathedral went up in flames. Nadal tweeted: “Going to sleep still under shock with the images we see in Paris.

All my support to all Parisians and French people and authorities”.

American star Shelby Rogers also offered her support, tweeting: “What a tragedy!

Heartbreaking to see so much history, genius, and beauty going up in flames...thankful for the opportunity to have seen it in person, truly nothing quite like it - took my breath away the first time I walked inside”.

Marin Cilic and Martina Navratilova also tweeted about the fire.

“In disbelief for #NotreDame,” Cilic posted, while Navratilova tweeted: “A France in Turmoil Weeps for a Symbol of Paris’s Enduring Identity - the whole world weeps…”

French President Emmanuel Macros has already vowed to rebuild the iconic cathedral, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

The cathedral’s spire came crashing down in the flames, but many relics inside the cathedral have reportedly been saved. The exact cause of the fire is not yet clear.