French Tennis Federation Signs Agreement with Vivo in Brazil

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French Tennis Federation Signs Agreement with Vivo in Brazil

Tennis - Close on the heels of Wimbledon signing an announcement with smartphone maker OPPO, the French Tennis Federation has signed a partnership with telecom company Vivo to provide an OTT service in Brazil for the French Open Grand Slam Tournament.

According to the reports, broadcaster BandSports has the exclusive broadcast rights to the French Open in Brazil but added that a website and an app have been launched for the OTT rights via Vivo. Both the platforms offer exclusive content, interviews, archive footage from the French Open and will also air all the matches from the 2019 French Open., the clay-court Grand Slam event held in Paris every year.

The French Open starts from May 26th and will end on June 9th, 2019. Tennis fans in Brazil will be charged R$29.99 (€6.80/$7.60) for access to the full tournament. They can also sign up for daily access at the cost of R$10.99.

The agreement between FFT and Vivo was brokered by the Effect Sport Agency. Vivo is a subsidiary of the Spanish telecom company Telefonica. This is the latest sign that tennis tournaments are going digital. According to the website, Sportswallah, MKTEsportivo, FFT president Bernard Giudicelli commented, “The French Tennis Federation is very proud to be the first Grand Slam to launch an OTT platform, providing the Brazilians with the opportunity to follow the tournament [live and in full]”.

MKTEsportivo, Pedro Rego Monteiro, chief executive of Effect Sport, commented, “I believe that the partnership tends to be a pioneer in the country and exceed the expectations of Vivo, Roland Garros and, above all, Brazilian tennis fans”.