Sascha Bajin opens up on reason behind split with Naomi Osaka

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Sascha Bajin opens up on reason behind split with Naomi Osaka

The news about Naomi Osaka and her coach Sascha Bajin splitting in February after that the Japanese player won her second Grand Slam title in a row was one of the most popular during the year. In an interview, as quoted by Yahoo, Bajin commented on the reasons why they split.

"Look, to be honest, there were some differences. It was her decision. I respect that. No matter what. If there was a success or not success whatever the case if she feels like it’s better to go then that’s her decision.

Same as with Caroline Wozniacki, we had a great year with seven finals and we had a deal for a year and she didn’t want to continue. It’s ok, I respect her decision. We’re all still friends and we see each other."

Asked why she decided to start coaching Kristina Mladenovic, Bajin replied: "I don’t want to sound like I’m cocky or something but I don’t start working with players if I don’t truly believe that they can beat anybody they play with.

Given this time that it is on the WTA Tour when you had 18 tournaments, 18 winners, Kiki could be more than one of them. For me, I don’t want to say we’re going to win this, we’re going to win that, but knowing now what I’ve seen with her in practice, I told her, “look we go to tournaments, I want you to understand that we go pre-book our flights for Sunday”.

‘I don’t want her to even think about maybe quarters or something, no. We go there to win, we take one round at a time, we respect every opponent but at the same time there is nobody she needs to fear."