Venus Williams invests in a beauty and wellness company

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Venus Williams invests in a beauty and wellness company

Former World No.1 Venus Williams has always been an advocate for fitness and with investments in Asutra, she is now their Chief Brand Officer as well. “I love their focus on active self-care,” Williams said. “Obviously I live and breathe that, and I was able to use their products as a part of actively taking care of myself.

I also love that their products work and they use all natural ingredients, so you can use the products for your mind, body and soul. That was a huge appeal for me and just fit right into my lifestyle”. Speaking more about her collaboration, Williams added, “I’ve always been in that [wellness] realm.

I grew up that way with my mom. She kind of grew up in California in the Seventies, so you know how that goes. It was all natural and that sort of thing, and even for my own health I do a lot of things that enhance my health to keep inflammation down, the way I eat and all of that”.

Besides being an active user, she also brings in some fresh business ideas, having had two successful ventures of her own in the past. “It’s an opportunity to collaborate with other people as well. I enjoy that.

Tennis is a solo sport, so in my businesses I’ve found that opportunity to work with other people and to collaborate and share ideas and to push each other and that’s what I really look forward to,” Williams said.

Williams is open to making other investments but also admitted that she has to balance them with her tennis career. “I have limited time because of the tennis, so I am very careful about what I get involved in because I want to give it my all and am invested in living up to the ideals of the products I’m associated with,” she said.