Federer and Murray slammed by the ITF President

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Federer and Murray slammed by the ITF President

International Tennis Federation’s President Francesco Ricci Bitti has criticised Swiss Maestro Roger Federer and British number one Andy Murray for doubting the association’s anti doping policies. Bitti said in a recent interview, "You know the players, they like to talk.

A few years ago, the same players were complaining because they were being tested." Murray was first to raise his voice as he said in an interview that there are not enough doping tests in tennis. Federer seconded the Brit by stating that more measures were taken to stop doping some years back compared to now.

Few weeks ago, Federer stated in an interview, "I feel I am being tested less now than six or seven years ago. I agree with Andy, we don't do a lot of blood testing during the year." Lance Armstrong’s case has revived the doubts of people around sports that doping cheats can escape from control measures taken by the respective bodies.

Both Federer and Murray believe that tennis players should be tested more often than they are being now.