Unpleasant racist episodes also in the tennis world

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Unpleasant racist episodes also in the tennis world

An unpleasant news, we would like to tell you about exultations, successes and victories, but the reality has to be faced, and it’s fair to reflect on delicate aspects that prevail on balls, rackets and net.

The ex-coach of Louisiana State University (LSA) female team decided not to keep silent and denunciate the racial discrimination he was subjected to. Toni Minnis ( this his name) is a valid coach, so much so that he is defined as one of the best and more winning coach of university female schools. Despite the reputation, Toni was fired and put aside after supporting and coaching the team for twenty years. It is also true that the LSA female team collected poor results in the last three years, concluding at the eleventh position out of thirteen in last competition.

The denunciation presented by Toni Minnis bases on the fact that the coaches of light complexion received pay-checks clearly higher, a matter of 30.000 more a year, and on the fact that the setting was contaminated by dirty rumors and actions of racist origin.

Currently Minnis has been replaced by Julia Sell. But to us doesn’t matter who is, to us is important to express solidarity to Toni Minnis because he’s a good coach and he can be judged by the playing schemes, coaching and preparation methods, not for the skin color. It’s not the first news of this kind, since they already been, in these months, xenophobe accuses on twitter against Dustin Brown.