Dominic Thiem splits with agent Gunter Bresnik

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Dominic Thiem splits with agent Gunter Bresnik

Gunter Bresnik recently split with Dominic Thiem as a coach not too much time ago. Now Bresnik is no longer Thiem's agent either. The ATP Board Directors member and Vienna Open Tournament Director Herwig Straka will replace Bresnik.

"I am happy we will have Herwig Straka, a world-class professional, a great expert. Herwig is also able to drive Dominic on a consistent basis on tour in order to make him have success. I am grateful for helping Dominic in a meaningful part of his journey.

But I am still there for him and his team as a consultant." "It's a solution everyone can live with", explained Bresnik. "I do not want to travel with him as an agent. I think I do not fit that, and frankly, it's too bad to go to tournaments and wait for a press conference.

For affairs, everything is covered for the next years. There is nothing to do from my point of view. I do not want those discussions to have a negative impact on my sports career. If you look at Alexander Zverev's example now, since his sports success has been ruined by off-court issues for six months.

that's the last thing I want. I wanted to retire with Dominic holding a Grand Slam title. But this year, compared to the past, his chances are even bigger. It would have been the ideal scenario for me, but I did not expect such a development over the last two months.

First of all, I am a coach, then an agent as a secondary thing." "As a tournament director, ATP co-director and Dominic's agents, he picks three things. For him it's an extra thing, he will make Dominic find sponsors through his tournament. I led Dominic almost to the top and now he does no longer need me."