Novak Djokovic will be awarded: an inspiration for the youth

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Novak Djokovic will be awarded: an inspiration for the youth

Destroyed rackets excluded, Novak Djokovic is consdiered by the British royals as a role model. For this, at the upcoming Winter White Gala, an evening in honor of the Counterpoint in London and of its activity in favor of the homeless between 16 and 25 years, Djokovic will be honored with a special award by Prince William, who inherited patronage of the association from his mother.

The award is given to those who distinguished themselves for their commitment against humanitarian crises, poverty and famine. Novak Djokovic raised $1.4 million dollars with his Foundation for the education of the poorer kids and launched the initiative Clothes for Smiles, a program meant to give the more unlucky kids the chance of a better future.

The Serbian is also ambassador of UNICEF and, as such, has never missed this year the commitment to bring his fame and his generosity around the world. This is what the Serbian had to say: "The award is one of the greatest that one could receive, also because recognizes the work of my Foundation in helping youth of all over the world.

For me it’s a honor to have such a recognition by the Duke of Cambridge.” At the gala evening, that will take place the 8th of December at the Royal Albert Hall, greats like Borg, McEnroe, Becker and Lendl will attend, along with with Ivanisevic and Henman.