Svitolina: I don't see the point of hiding relationship with Gael Monfils

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Svitolina: I don't see the point of hiding relationship with Gael Monfils

In a column for BBC, Elina Svitolina commented on her relationship with Gael Monfils. The Ukrainian player and the Frenchman have been dating each other since the end of last year. Ahead of the French Open, Svitolina wrote: "Gael and I have been very public about our relationship and that includes having a joint Instagram account.

It's tough to escape when you're both famous tennis players, it is tough to be really private and I think it is a waste of energy hiding things. Gael is a very open person and for me, it is natural too. If fans want to see something then we will show them and try to share.

It is important not to close yourself and make it uncomfortable. Every week we are under the camera, we can be seen on television supporting each other, so I didn't see the point of hiding on purpose. I'm sure there are some people, some 'haters', who are saying I've been playing worse since I've been dating Gael, but for me, I don't think it matters." Svitolina enjoys her life in tennis but her off-court activities too: "On Thursday, I went to Cannes to attend a gala for AmfAR - it is a charity which fights Aids and they hold a famous annual fundraising event.

It was amazing to see so many stars - Eva Longoria, Milla Jovovich, Antonio Banderas and Tom Jones were all there - coming together to help fight what is important in the world. I have a foundation in Ukraine and have been looking to hold a similar type of event which would raise money for new tennis facilities to be used by Ukrainian kids.

That would mean building new courts all over Ukraine, which is important because some cities need them in schools. We are working really hard to find resources, it is not easy, but we are slowly trying to get a good team to reach our goal.

I also have connections now with tennis academies across Europe so another goal is to see if we can get kids, who need help with practice or a training base, into places in France or England or Germany."

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