Andrea Petkovic compares tennis to writing

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Andrea Petkovic compares tennis to writing

Germany’s Andrea Petkovic, professional tennis player but also writer, was interviewed during a post-match press conference regarding her high opinion of Serena Williams as a key person in the world of women’s sports.

“I just wrote [on the women’s publication Freizeit] about Serena's impact on pop culture and society and diversity and female body images because I thought it was really interesting,” answered the World No.

69. “And Nike played a big part in the whole research process as well because they were the first ones, I think, who really focused on -- I think with Tiger, it started with Tiger, just kind of political activism marketing that they do, and so it's really interesting to me”.

Petkovic had been staying in New York during the end of the past season to redact a book that will be published in autumn 2020. She disclosed the reasons that pushed her to write in the Big Apple and compared writing to tennis, “ I wanted to do it in Eastbourne, actually, because every time I came to Eastbourne, I was like, if I ever write a book, it's going to be here.

I don't know why. It just seems like this kind of writer's retreat thing. But then Caitlin from Racquet Magazine, she's kind of my mentor a little bit when it comes to writing, and she advised me that if I do hit a wall and I'm in Eastbourne, maybe it would be better to be somewhere closer where I can go see my friends.

So that's why I decided on Woodstock, which was still very secluded. But I had the opportunity to go to New York, which I did at one point, and it was a great experience for me. It was very different from tennis. There are also similarities when it comes to discipline, but just I'm used to tennis to sweat and have adrenaline and all these things.

And in writing you just kind of like feel everything inside you and it hurts your soul and your heart. And I didn't like the feeling, but then, in the end, it's a really nice outcome and nice feeling. And I'm very excited about that, that I have something on the side that helps me to cope with the tennis life”.