Bouchard takes off her shirt in front of a fan near Notre Dame

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Bouchard takes off her shirt in front of a fan near Notre Dame

Former WTA number five and model Genie Bouchard changed her shirt while a fan was waiting for a picture with her near Notre Dame. After her early exit at the French Open, the charming Canadian decided to go sightseeing where else than in Paris.

Genie didn’t miss the occasion to share her adventures in the City of Lights on Instagram as she was joined by her sister – Charlotte -, and her grandma. One of the most interesting moments happened while Bouchard was walking near the famous Notre Dame cathedral.

She was disturbed by the fact that she had sweat marks on her shirt, so she decided to change it with a newly bought one. Nothing flashy so far, but you need to know that she’s done it in public. Moreover, a fan watched the whole changing act as he was waiting to take a picture with Genie.

Bouchard explained the event in her Instagram post: “FULL TRANSPARENCY: I was wearing a pink shirt while sightseeing and I was sweating A LOT. The sweat marks were very visible to the point where it was awkward and people were staring.

So I ran into a tourist shop and got a white ‘I ♥️ Paris’ shirt cuz at least white hides sweat marks better lol. Had to absolutely change right away outside the store. And girls, I know y’all feel me and have this skill cuz we’ve all been there doing a quick change in public lmao.

The guy on the right is a fan waiting for me to change to take a pic hahaha poor guy witnessed the whole thing. Gotta do whatcha gotta do 🤷🏼‍♀️ ALSO please excuse my f bomb!!! My grandma films everything lmao”


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