NHL & Billie Jean King Join Forces for Gender Equality Partnership

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NHL & Billie Jean King Join Forces for Gender Equality Partnership

Tennis - The National Hockey League and tennis legend Billie Jean King have announced a partnership focused on diversity and gender equality across hockey in an agreement announced on Tuesday during NHL’s Advancing Equity Summit, according to The Las Vegas Review Journal.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman commented, “From the locker room to the board room, we understand that our future is linked to the continued development and promotion of women in all aspects of our sport." At the event, King mentioned, "White clothes, white balls, everybody who played was white.

I asked, ‘Where is everybody else?’ I love history, and I think that had a lot to do with it. But I promised myself that day that through tennis — even though I was a girl and I was going to have a harder road — that I would fight for equality for the rest of my life”.

Speaking about the starting of the WTA Tour, King commented, "We wanted any girl born in this world, if she was good enough, to have a place to compete. That she be appreciated for her accomplishments and not just her looks.

And most importantly, because we were making $14 a day, was to make a living out of playing tennis. The NHL is an amazing opportunity. Different sports, same story. That is my prayer for women’s hockey. That someday we’ll have a league that is sustainable in many, many cities and maybe countries, and that girls can have a (hockey) dream, too”.