LTA announce £250m spend on making indoor courts

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LTA announce £250m spend on making indoor courts

The Lawn Tennis Association will invest £250m in 96 new indoor centres across the country to make tennis more accessible to people throughout the year. Speaking to the Press Association, LTA chief executive Scott Lloyd said: "We want to ensure optimum coverage across the whole country and the goal is for 95 per cent of the population in England and Wales to have access to an indoor centre within a 30-minute drive”.

"We can't quite guarantee that for Scotland because of its geography but we have already started the planning process for seven projects there which will provide 28 new indoor courts over the next 12-18 months, so we are filling the gaps”.

He further added, "Obviously, we will be looking to work with partners, public and private, but we are willing to spend more money in some places than others because we know each place and project will be different”.

"We are going to take a flexible and strategic approach to address the areas of most need and we want to break the perception that tennis is just a summer sport, or it's only for people in the south”. "With our climate, that means indoor facilities are crucial.

We have lagged behind other European countries in terms of absolute numbers but we are blessed with the resources to do this and we want to inject pace and scale into the process." Speaking about their relationship with the Murray’s, he said, "We have a great relationship with Andy, Jamie and Judy Murray and, like anyone who is passionate about tennis, I want to see the sport grow and that means at the grassroots and elite level," he said.