Wimbledon’s new roof leads to more shelters for London's homeless

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Wimbledon’s new roof leads to more shelters for London's homeless

Wimbledon Foundation will help the homeless people by providing homes and job guidance, but they will also continue to help bring clean water in poor countries like Malawi, Ethiopia and Nepal. Inspired by Court No. 1’s new retractable roof, the Roof for All campaign is meant to gather funds in order to reduce an estimated number of 320.000 people who sleep without a roof over their head across London and the nearby areas.

A good amount of funds was raised throughout the Court No.1’s new roof Celebration that took place in May 2019 and featured tennis stars like Venus Williams, Jamie Murray, Lleyton Hewitt and John McEnroe. Wimbledon Foundation is going to contribute with donations in the next three years in order to reduce the great number of people who are forced to sleep on the streets: “The Wimbledon Foundation will make a substantial contribution over the next three years to increase the capacity of local homelessness charities, with further funds used to support employability schemes for young homeless people”.

Besides helping the homeless people, Wimbledon Foundation celebrated their fifth anniversary in 2018 with a partnership with WaterAid. Through this collaboration, they committed to donate 300.000 pounds until 2021 to help bring clean water in Malawi, Ethiopia, and Nepal, countries who struggle to provide a thing that the vast majority of people around the world take it for granted.

The Wimbledon Foundation is the charity of the All England Club and The Championships. Its mission is to use the resources and heritage of Wimbledon to help change people's lives. The Foundation gives more than 1.000.000 pounds a year to support charities in line with its four goals: strengthening the local community, supporting healthy and active lives, developing young people, and helping those in need locally, nationally and internationally.