Wimbledon Bans Use of Plastic Bags for Racket Coverings

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Wimbledon Bans Use of Plastic Bags for Racket Coverings

Tennis - Wimbledon continues to take steps to become environment-friendly as this year, the players will no longer be taking new racquets out of polythene wrapping bags when they go to take a new racquet. Traditionally, when the players break a string or want a replacement for a racquet, they head to their chair to bring out a new racquet from the polythene wrapping bags, according to Reuters.

But this year, the All England Club has removed plastic bags from the player racket-stringing operation as part of a move to be more eco-friendly. That means 4,500 fewer plastic bags will be used at this year's Championships as compared to last year.

In a statement released, the Club Chief Executive Richard Lewis commented, "We believe that Wimbledon, along with other major events, has a vital role to play in helping to protect the environment, today and for the future."

Last year, no waste produced from the tournament went to landfill and plastic straws were also banned. One of the top stars of the game, South African Kevin Anderson, who is also part of the ATP Player Council, has made an appeal to all the four Grand Slam events to stop using the packaging in a bid to save plastic.

This year's Wimbledon Championships begin on Monday, July 1st. The tournament has also announced a partnership with WaterAid, which will help transform lives in some of the world’s poorest communities through access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.