Petra Kvitova Hopeful of Competing at Wimbledon

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Petra Kvitova Hopeful of Competing at Wimbledon

Tennis - Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova says she should be ready to compete at Wimbledon after missing the French Open and grass-court warm-up events due to an arm injury. In a column for the BBC, the Czech left-hander says she is not feeling pain as of now but if there is any more pain over the coming days, she will not take a risk and play any more tournaments.

"I had some doubts about whether I would play at Wimbledon but my arm is better, which is great. The tear in my forearm has been an unusual injury - nobody knows how it is going to be and how much time I will need to be ready again.

I had a few MRI scans during the period when I couldn't hit and it didn't show that it's 100% ready but sometimes in our life, nothing is really ready! I only held a racquet again a few days ago after hurting it the day before my match five weeks ago at the French Open.

Before that I couldn't do anything for a couple of weeks and was glad to just do something simple like holding a drink in that hand. I'm happy that I hit on Saturday and I have no pain. That is really important. After so many problems I've been through in my life already, which have been well documented, I think I feel my body more and I'm not as risky a person as I was probably before.

I do have my age as well, so sometimes I have to really think about it. But of course, if I do have pain in my arm I won't play. So far it's OK - there's a few more days so anything can happen." Kvitova adds that she is looking forward to playing at Wimbledon as it is one of her favourite tournaments.

"In the past I did used to come here and do things like looking for my name on the winners' board but after so many years on the tour, it's a little bit more familiar. Of course I love it here, I love this club, I love playing on the grass - it's always very special for me.

When I was growing up in the Czech Republic we played on clay in the summer but in the winter we played indoors where the surface was so fast. I think that's where I have got the game for grass because it was pretty low and pretty fast.

So I always played the fast game and not really the clay game. I do have Wimbledon twice already so it would be great to win another one but Wimbledon is the most famous one. If I win another Grand Slam, it doesn't matter which one.

My expectations here are not really high but maybe this can help me relax more on court. But also, I know from the past that sometimes I don't need to have hit for that many hours to be ready."