Wimbledon fun July 8: Federer, Murray, Ostapenko, Williams, more

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Wimbledon fun July 8: Federer, Murray, Ostapenko, Williams, more

And the 2019 Wimbledon singles semi-finalists are… We can already head the drum roll for the outcome of the quarter-finals, but, unfortunately, we have to wait until Wednesday to get all the results. Bright and thrilling future ahead, let’s still not overlook the past.

Here are some of the off-score moments which happened during the Silent Sunday and Manic Monday at the All England Club. The ATP quoted on the no-game day that Tennys Sandgren had said, "I ran out of my reservation because I didn’t want to overbook my stay," about making it to the second week.

The player later jokingly tweeted, “Like I was the only one who didn’t expect it”. Unfortunately, Sandgren could not get past countryman Sam Querrey in the fourth round, but he might have won some extra fans due to his humorous personality.

Still talking about amusing answers, let’s have a look at Berrettini’s press conference. Even if he bowed out to Wimbledon Master Roger Federer by providing little fight -- the score froze at 6-1 6-2 6-2 -- the Roman did not lose his funny spirit, and confessed to journalists, “Federer, at the net, told me well done for the grass season.

I said ‘Thanks for the tennis lesson, how much do I owe you?’" He then laughed and was not the only one to. Ubitennis director and journalist Ubaldo Scanagatta had written, previous to the Swiss-Italian match, “Matteo [Berrettini] will surely not lose 6-1 6-2 6-2”.

Turns out the World No. 20 did drop his racket with that score, and the Italian journalist was telling Federer about it during the press conference when the Swiss playfully asked, “If you should change your job or not, is that the question?” Switching from words to action, let’s dive into a very interesting mixed-doubles point and the reactions it conveyed.

Jelena Ostapenko, who seems prone to get the talk rolling because of her serves this Wimbledon, fired a rocket of a hit which collided with… the back of her partner’s head. The Latvian and Robert Lindstedt still easily strolled past Andres Molteni and Makoto Ninomiya 6-3 6-1.

Later on, Andrea Seppi commented on a video of the unfortunate event, “They are still looking for the ball,” while Andy Murray -- who is two matches away from becoming Ostapenko’s potential new victim -- made a reference to a widely diffused meme involving him at the Australian Open, “I can see exactly how this clip is going to end up if Wimbledon and the ATP allow it”.

The award for best response, however, goes to Lindstedt, who said, “It was funny. Our practice earlier wasn’t any good. First four games in the match, it was ok. Then I got hit in the head. She relaxed and I woke up!” Now, as we mentioned a Murray, we can as well also include another one.

Judy Murray, Andy’s mother, shared with her Twitter followers a picture of her niece who was smiling with… Cori Gauff! The English Mum by excellence captioned the image with, “When you bring your teen niece to Wimbledon to watch her cousins and all she wants to do is meet Coco Gauff”.

Both young girls looked very happy to have posed together. To conclude today’s -- quite furnished -- article, honourable “Fun of the Day” mention to Tennis Channel, which posted on its Twitter account a wonderful picture of Serena Williams raising her fist in victory -- and showing the world her Mickey & Co-themed arm dressing.