Linda Fruhvirtova: 'Roger Federer is a legend and best player in history'

Tennis - The 14-year-old Czech reached the third round at junior Wimbledon, having a chance to meet Roger talk to him

by Jovica Ilic
Linda Fruhvirtova: 'Roger Federer is a legend and best player in history'

The 14-year-old Linda Fruhvirtova has been one of the best players born in 2005, winning the first U12 titles in 2016 and claiming the Junior Orange Bowl in that category in 2017. Moving to the U14 and U16 level in 2018, Linda continued to deliver significant results and conquered Les Petits As Mondial this January after the first final on the ITF junior level, battling with much older opponents.

In May, Linda was the semi-finalist at the 60th Trofeo Bonfiglio and that offered her a chance to make a Grand Slam debut at Roland Garros, losing in the first round before reaching the third round at Wimbledon. Majors are the perfect opportunity for the youngsters to meet their favorite players, talk with them and maybe hit the practice court together and get some valuable lessons from the more experienced colleagues.

Like all the other players of her age, Linda was impressed with Roger Federer, having a chance to talk with the Swiss legend and realizing the fact he already had four Major titles before she was even born. Also, Linda spoke about Corri Gauff who is just one year older than her, acknowledging the American's results at the All England Club.

"I always went for exams and tests to school but I don't have a problem to manage school with tennis," Fruhvirtova said. "I'm good at school and I want to keep it like that. The fact that Roger Federer already had multiple Majors before I was born is crazy!

He is a legend of tennis and the best player in history, it was amazing to talk to him, he's a nice and good guy. A few years ago I did collect autographs, so many of them from the Czech players, Kim Clijsters, Victoria Azarenka.

A lot of the top Czech players practice at the club where I did, I usually get to meet them quite often. Wimbledon is a great experience, it is a beautiful Grand Slam. It has its traditions, playing all in white, and there are so many flowers.

Corri Gauff's achievement here was just amazing, such a great result. It's not exactly the right thing to compare her and me because we are really in different situations and two different people."

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