The Hsieh Su-wei style of tennis nets her a doubles Wimbledon title

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The Hsieh Su-wei style of tennis nets her a doubles Wimbledon title

"I need to keep calm and keep concentrated on the court...I was doing better this year," Taiwan's Hsieh Su-Wei says matter-of-factly giving out a huge grin. But her success on court can be so complex with many moving pieces that she can hardly dissect what deems her the winner as she is.

Su-Wei has been on tour close to 20 years now, capturing three WTA singles and 24 doubles titles. She has been with her boyfriend Frederic Aniere, an 8-year real estate mogul for nearly three years who gave up business to travel with her full time.

He helps to keep her grounded along with family and other team members. He knows what to say and not to say to Su-Wei. He has spoken out to the WTA media saying "I don't try to understand her all the time. I just let her be herself..."

Frederic has learned in the short time they've been together to not push and demand too much from Su-Wei. She'll come through and it will be a good experience. This Wimbledon, Su-Wei gave everyone a lesson including her doubles partner Czech's Barbora Strycova who's hooked up a few times last year.

This 2019 season they've won 4 doubles titles: Dubai, Madrid, Birmingham and has put Wimbledon on their map for the first major title on their tennis resumes. They have also won Wimbledon without dropping a set. Together they have defeated 4 of the top 15 doubles teams taking down the no.

1 Babos/Mladenovic to get the title and now making them the no. 1 WTA doubles team. Su-Wei herself had defeated 7 of the top 10 players and sure her streak will continue. The Taiwanese and the Czech have partnered for a very prosperous and fun time seeking havoc, confusion, silliness and winning solutions to all of their confused opponents.

Su-Wei also has a younger brother Hsieh Chang-peng who is on the ATP tour, having won 3 junior major titles and partnered with his sister in mixed doubles once. She and Strycova are a spectacular pair and when the Asian was called a 'Giant Killer' by a media fellow, she corrects him saying "I don't know how to be a Giant Killer.

I just want to feel free and enjoy the match because anything can happen..." Hsieh can be modest at times not mentioning her skill at dismantling Garbine Muguruza (in Australia), Johanna Konta (French Open) and Halep (last year's Wimbledon).

She has an unconventional way of strokes and strategies that can puzzle any player, forcing them into unforced errors with her getting the points and games. It is her partner Strycova who isn't a pushover either, getting to the Wimbledon singles semis but falling to Serena Williams.

The Czech has almost had a tournament without losing a set too and has the perfect skill to blend with Su-Wei. She loves playing but admits to the media when they suggest her playing till Serena's age: "I'm not sure if I want to reach 37 playing.

There are also some other things in life I want to do besides chasing a yellow ball..." The Wimbledon final was brilliant as they waited hours for the men's final to finish before landing on court. It was time well spent as they got their act together and won over opponents Gabriela Dabrowski and Xu Yifan.

It was a straight-set win 6-2, 6-4 where the Taiwanese and Czech created the perfect positioning to dismantle their stunned adversaries. A fan on the social media called Su-Wei 'Queen of Lobs' and at times she'll say that she doesn't think about her shots.

Most times she creates an aura on court that can't be beaten with her unconventional strategies and demeanour. She praises her team for being her backbone of success. She likes to be modest on her victories and her game plan and when asked about various shots and points she professes to not know that much.

"I normally don't have a very good memory...but the good thing is my team, they have a good memory. So sometimes they remind me," Su-Wei said as she giggled like a schoolgirl and marched off to do what she does routinely, get ready for another match.