Simona Halep’s secret lover is a millionaire


Simona Halep’s secret lover is a millionaire

The Wimbledon champion, Simona Halep, was caught holding hands and kissing with Toni Iuruc, a 40 years old Aromanian millionaire who mysteriously stood beside her during the successful Wimbledon campaign. Simona had some free time after she raised the Wimbledon trophy above her head and she decided to spend it alongside her unannounced lover, businessman Toni Iuruc.

The mysterious man owns six firms and one of them focuses on advertising. The bond between Halep and Iuruc proved to be pretty strong as the couple was spotted in loving situations by Romanian paparazzi. The duo was caught holding hands and taking dinner in a luxury restaurant from Bucharest, according to ProSport.

Moreover, Toni proved to be a caring man as he bought his significant half a flower bouquet before attending the dinner. Halep’s parents joined the dinner as well. Also, the couple was caught by’s photojournalists kissing on a beach from Mamaia, a touristic location on the Romanian seaside.

Besides the public appearances, Toni Iuruc supported Simona at every match and training session from Wimbledon, according to ProSport. He even participated at the Wimbledon Champions Dinner where Halep was not invited to dance by Novak Djokovic.

However, he kept a low profile and didn’t stand next to Simona’s team during the matches played at the All England Club. The bond that ties the two lovebirds is strengthened by the fact that both are Aromanians, a nationality that is linked to the Balkans region and features famous figures like Simona Halep, Gheorghe Hagi – football legend -, and Gheorghe Becali, the owner of FCSB football club.

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