Anna Kournikova comments on how her life has changed after tennis career

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Anna Kournikova comments on how her life has changed after tennis career

In an interview to The Sun, the former player Anna Kournikova commented on how her life is now that she has retired from tennis for many years. Kournikova, who is married to the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, said: “I find it’s important to eat smaller meals often.

I will have a little piece of chocolate every day, or every other day. I love chocolate and ice cream. I love potatoes and pasta. My typical day is getting up at 6.30am. We have breakfast, walk with a stroller. The twins have just started walking.

While they sleep, I do yoga or Pilates." On her fame Kournikova added: “It’s really strange, it feels like it happened to me but it didn’t happen to me because it was such a long time ago. I played in every single continent by the time I was 16.

It was an interesting way to grow up. When I stopped, most people had just come out of college and I was stopping the only thing I knew”. Iglesias commented on how his priorities have changed since he became a father: “When I was 19 and travelling around the world with my first album, there were times I would think, ‘Oh man, maybe I should stop doing this.

I need to take a break’. And that has crossed my mind over the years. But now it has crossed my mind a few more times than before. Maybe I don’t see myself doing anything other than a few albums and that’s it. Then, never doing anything again other than being a dad”.