Daria Gavrilova Hoping to Return to Form During Last Quarter

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Daria Gavrilova Hoping to Return to Form During Last Quarter

Tennis - Former Australian No. 1 Daria Gavrilova says she is hoping to revive her form and fortunes on the court in the last few months of the season. The 25-year-old Australian is now down to No. 84 in the rankings after being as high as No.

20 in the world and says that she is hoping to win a match in New York to avoid having a washout at the Slams in 2019, after failing to win a match in the other three majors this year. Speaking to 7News, Gavrilova says, "Not happy with the year at all but there's still a few months to go and I'm definitely going to try improve that.

I'm still trying to come back to what's been successful for me, which is using my forehand and playing a lot more with the topspin because I feel like I went away from it. I still for some reason have the habit to try and hit the ball flat but we're really trying to play just a bit of boring tennis where I play the ball heavy and stay in long rallies.

I'm still battling with injuries. It's ongoing but hopefully it's going to go away and that's why I was home just before coming here taking care of my feet and stuff." Gavrilova will meet Fiona Ferro in the first round of the US Open in New York, the same player who she lost to at the Eastbourne event on grass in straight sets.

But Gavrilova says she will not be looking at that match as an indicator. "I'm not going to take anything out of that, to be fair. Seriously, I'm not. Different surface, different everything. I wasn't all mentally there.

I think this court here is really nice. I was saying to Dave there's probably not one person that hates this surface. I think it suits most players and I've been hitting the ball well." Since Wimbledon, Gavrilova has lost won only one match in three events but will be hoping that will reverse in New York.