Jenson Brooksby pushes Tomas Berdych out of U.S. Open first roundup

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Jenson Brooksby pushes Tomas Berdych out of U.S. Open first roundup

As Jenson Brooksby packed his bags and headed for this year's U.S. Open, there was no indication he'd be facing groundbreaking situations that would change his life remarkably. The 18-year-old hunkered down and won his three qualifying rounds tohead into the Open's main draw.

but what came next was an added surprise. Brooksby, the only American guy to win his qualies round was paired opposite Tomas Berdych, an ATP veteran bouncing back from injuries trying to make a career revisal. The Californian teen struggled through a 4-set match to have most of the answers and grab the victory over the inconsistent Berdych.

The win propelled him into a star status as he was bombarded with autograph seekers and fans. He's signed so many he says "I couldn't give a number, it was a lot," he smilingly said. Brooksby is enjoying every minute of the Open, but he's no stranger to the New York event.

He had won the USTA Boys' under-18 national championships and that gave him the rights to a wild card into the main draw of last year's 2018 U.S. Open. But has more on his mind in addition to playing well and winning his rounds.

A full scholarship will be awarded to Brooksby if he enters Baylor University for studies and playing on their tennis team. If he attends college he isn't allowed to take prize monies from partially being on the professional tour.

He is just playing not only tennis but a 'wait and see' game as to how well he will fair in being at the Open. If he stays focused and starts going deep in the last season slam, he may relinquish his Baylor scholarship and accept the prize money.

Jenson Brooksby knows full well that he's in a win-win situation whatever he chooses but his main focus at hand is to keep the victories coming to build up on his newly formulated tennis career.