Aryna Sabalenka: A lot has improved, and I’m happy with that

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Aryna Sabalenka: A lot has improved, and I’m happy with that

Though Aryna Sabalenka’s coach and former ATP Professional Dmitry Tursunov can’t verbally communicate while the Belarusian plays, she feels it is not required as just a look can help. "We’ve worked together for such a long time that even just a look can help a lot," she said following her win over fellow Belarusian and former World No.1 Victoria Azarenka.

"I can understand what he’s thinking, and I usually know what he’s thinking during a match”. "I can sometimes just look at him and think, ‘I know, I know I did some...on the court," she further added.

Speaking about her practice sessions with the Russian, she added, “Every practice, I put so much into them that I was crazy, but I trust Dmitry and what we’ve been doing," she said on Tuesday. "Before San Jose and the last couple months, I thought I trusted him, but to be honest, I didn’t, and this was a big problem.

I’m happy that our relationship is getting better, and that’s why my tennis is getting better. He’s a great guy, and he knows how to help me play my best. The only thing is that I need to trust him. I feel like my tennis is getting better”.

When it came to her support staff, she said they know her very well. "They understand that it’s just my emotions. I don’t want to change them because they’re good and they know what to do. The biggest change I needed to make was with my mentality and to see things differently.

That’s what happened and hopefully I can stay with this strong head for the rest of my career”. "Of course, there’s still a lot of emotions going on with me on the court that I have to work on," she caveated with more laughter. "Still, a lot has improved, and I’m happy with that."