Simona Halep takes over Times Square with help from largest Romanian bank

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Simona Halep takes over Times Square with help from largest Romanian bank

Banca Transilvania, the largest Romanian bank, displayed an advertisement of Simona Halep on one of the large digital screens that dominate New York’s famous Times Square. The ad features the message “Our hero” along with Halep looking with her eyes up and being dressed in her Wimbledon whites.

The same advertisement was displayed in London’s iconic Leicester square. The words “Our hero” refer to Simona’s reputation among Romanian people. She is seen as an example in her country, a person who inspires.

Her compatriots’ appreciation touched new heights after the Wimbledon triumph. Halep has been awarded many distinctions and has received much love from the inhabitants of the Carpathian country. But let’s not forget that Romanians are spread wide across the globe - including New York and London -, so imagine their pride when they get past a picture of their nation’s living legend in world-famous cities like New York and London.

Simona Halep didn’t miss the occasion to go and take photos in Times Square. After all, she is just a few miles away from the famous place. The Wimbledon champion and current US Open contender posted the photos on her social media accounts.

On Facebook, she noted: “Thanks to my partner Banca Transilvania for showing me their support in Times Square and Leicester Square! I had to go see for myself last night”.