Dan Evans, Jo-Konta aim 4th Round stints at the US Open

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Dan Evans, Jo-Konta aim 4th Round stints at the US Open

Dan Evans says he has "more belief" that he can beat Roger Federer as the two will face off in the Third Round of the US Open. "I think I have got over 'it's Roger and he's impossible to beat'," Evans said.

The two have had practice sessions in the past with Federer inviting Evans to practise with him in Switzerland before the French Open. "We talked about everything really. He was pretty open about life, what he does. Just open, normal chat," said Evans.

"I didn't ask him about my game. I have to go about my business and hopefully beat him." Konta on the other hand sent out a warning to her fellow competitors following a 6-1, 6-0 thrashing win over Margarita Gasparyan in a match that last just under an hour.

“On-court time is a little bit irrelevant because you either come through quickly or you come through in three sets in three hours. Either way you’re pleased to come through”. She further added, “Obviously it’s good not to spend a long time out there if you’ve got another match to prepare for tomorrow.

However, I don’t think it’s a deciding factor. “I think overall I’m just pleased with how I was able to play”.