Dutch Star Demi Schuurs Talks About The Role of Her Parents in Her Career

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Dutch Star Demi Schuurs Talks About The Role of Her Parents in Her Career

Tennis - Dutch tennis star Demi Schuurs has credited the role of her parents in the success of her career. In an interview with Tennis Netherlands. Schuurs says that coming from a sporting family helped her during her younger days instilling a sporting culture in her as well as the financial support from her parents.

Schuurs says, “My father has played 314 handball international matches. That makes him a record international. He is still an assistant coach at the Lions from Sittard, the highest level in the Netherlands. My brother Perr plays at Ajax and the Dutch Juniors.

Then I have another 23-year-old sister, Fleau. She plays handball. She also has her own childcare at home, so she practices her sport more for pleasure. My brother and I get a lot of attention, but my sister may work the hardest of all of us.

My mother did a lot of sports. So to speak, any sport that exists, usually only for a short period. She took us everywhere and made sure that things went well at home: washing, eating, driving. Because we all played sport at a high level and many days a week, that was very important.Certainly when I did not yet have my driver's license.

We lived in Nieuwstadt and I trained in Bree. That is 45 minutes away. When I trained before and after school, we were in the car for almost half a day. The support of your parents is necessary to start a top sport career. There are of course more things involved: you have to stay injury-free and have talent.

But I think the parents are also a big factor. Not only driving, but also the education and understanding of top sport. I think my brother, sister and I have been very lucky in that.Because we have a parent who has also done top sport and of course also the financial aspect.

Certainly at a young age you just need your parents. If you start with top sport, they will still have to invest in your sport. If you reach the top, you can take it over yourself. But in the beginning, your parents may be the most important factor in your career.

" Speaking about playing doubles rather than singles, Schuurs says, "It soon became clear at a young age that doubles went better with me than singles. In the last year I won four grand slam finals in the juniors.

And in singles, my best result was the second round. Until 2015 I played singles, but my best ranking on the ITF was 500. Then you have to make a decision at some point. You cannot continue to invest. I decided to play doubles for three months to see how it went.

I won my second tournament - a WTA tournament. After that I started focusing completely on doubles. That was one of my best decisions ever. I am happier, I like it and I am better at it. Last year I reached the quarter finals of the US Open, this year the quarter finals of Wimbledon. I have been in the top ten of the world ranking for almost a year. "