Less hate, more love: Stefanos Tsitsipas' advice to school kids

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Less hate, more love: Stefanos Tsitsipas' advice to school kids

Stefanos Tsitsipas wrote a nice post on Facebook giving advice to younger people on how to behave with one another. The Athens native has often said he was criticized during his childhood by other kids, and that he did not have an easy path to the top of tennis as the Greek Tennis Federation did not pay any expenses for him.

Tsitsipas even thought about stopping to become a professional player. But Tsitsipas often uses his social media channels to share his thoughts on life in general and on Wednesday he made no exception. Tsitsipas, who is currently in his country training with the Davis Cup team, wrote: "Special request to all your kids returning to school in the next few days: If you see someone who is struggling to make friends or being bullied because he/she doesn’t have many friends or because they are shy or not as pretty dressed...

Please step up! Say hi or at least smile at them. You never know what that person might be facing outside of school. Your kindness might just make a big difference in someone’s life.‬ Be the person that’s going to provide for the others.

Simple little gestures like this are always appreciated in life", concluded the 21-year-old who recently achieved a career-high ranking at No. 5. Tsitsipas is interested in several things when he travels around the world as he visits iconic places enjoying life on Tour. He is active both on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.