Naomi Osaka starts dating rapper, splits with coach

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Naomi Osaka starts dating rapper, splits with coach

Through her official Twitter account Naomi Osaka announced she split with her coach Jermaine Jenkins. The Japanese player started working with Jenkins in February 2019, when she had interrupted her co-operation with Sascha Bajin.

Osaka wrote: "I'm super grateful for the time we spent together and the things I learned on and off the court, but I feel like now is (an) appropriate time for a change." Osaka is dating the rapper YBN Cordae.

Through Instagram, she wrote: "Very grateful you’re in my life, always learning from you, always inspired by you. Also, always VERY entertained by you lol. Love ya kid." In an interview to the Belgian media, Kim Clijsters's husband Bryan Linch spoke about his wife's decision to be back on the WTA Tour.

Linch said: "The mountain she is approaching is very high," said Lynch. "At some point, she completely gave up tennis, she was totally focused on her family and academy, she did not play tennis all days, so it was an unbelievable but unique challenge.

A mother of three children, who go through this unbelievable journey. The children and I support her." He added: "Over the last two years she played Grand Slam legends and every time she came back home, she was saying the same thing: 'I feel like a player, not like a legend'

Then I told her that if she wanted to be back, she had to do it now. 'If you still feel you can compete and you want to embrace this challenge, do it, just give yourself a shot. Do not wait until you are 40 years old to do it."