The Unanswered Challenges of Petra Kvitova

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The Unanswered Challenges of Petra Kvitova

"I had a tear in my forearm and it's pretty healed, but something around it is going badly. Maybe the scar with the muscle is doing some bad things. Sometimes it's getting swollen and there's pain," Kvitova admitted.

She pulled out of the French Open in May because of the injury which had caused her to now wear a sleeve during tournaments. She has played the Western and Southern, losing to Maria Sakkari in three sets at the opening round.

Since the injury she has practiced and played as gingerly as possible, to not influence her aggressive game. Tournaments come and go but how could anyone miss the U.S. Open Kvitova thought? She entered but only made two rounds defeating Denisa Allertova and unfortunately bowing to Germany's Andrea Petkovic.

The Asian swing is here and Kvitova opted to miss a few tournaments and play the Wuhan Open. The first round she won over the tattooed Slovenia player Polona Hercog in two straight sets. Round two may be her biggest challenge opposite Sloane Stephens or will the challenge be playing without having her health 100%.

Kvitova wonders if she started back too soon after the major injury or is this just the aftermath of how things were going to be? She and her team thought her present ailment was linked to her hand injury, but nothing had came up to be a clear-cut solution.

Kvitova is playing with many apprehensions and very little solutions as yet. She knows one thing that her zest for tennis is still alive but the doubts of playing pain-free may be unpredictable. The Czech also feels that her hand injury was nearly the worse and she's mastered that, so anything else she would be able to adjust to the situation.

She knows one thing, that her zest for tennis is still alive but the doubts of playing pain-free may be unpredictable. Petra Kvitova has taken a merry-go-ride on her career from the onset of her illustrous 27 WTA career titles until now.

She's come up from the lowerly ranks to as high as number 2 in the world some 8 years ago. At number 7 now she is comfortable with her performance at tournaments. It is not withsaying that the injury to her hands didn't bring her back to reality of what she had and maybe what might not be again.

But she's lived the comeback and now what lies ahead as a possible result of the major injury is uncertain. She and her team are taking things day-by-day as she's playing with as much precision and consistency as possible, yet trying to not let fear and doubt hamper her game winning strategies and victories.

The Czech is willing to take the good with the bad and seems to always come out with a positive situation. She is watching her opponents and still feels able to be fluid enough in her own game to give any adversary a good fight until the end...which often means a victory for Kvitova.