Roger Federer declares he is well prepared for Australian Open

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Roger Federer declares he is well prepared for Australian Open

One of the best tennis players of all-time Roger Federer has put away worries of his fans that the Swiss Maestro will not be perfectly prepared for the Australian Open. The 17-time Grand Slam champion did not take part in even a single warm event for the first Grand Slam of the season this year.

He was playing the Qatar ExxonMobil Open in Doha for the last four years but this time he decided to stay away from that event. However, Federer thinks that practice is more important than playing tune up tournaments and he has been doing that very well in the preceding weeks.

The Swiss Maestro said in a recent interview, "I have been practicing really hard the last few weeks and didn't play a leading up tournament this year just because I thought practice is very important for me coming up in the next year, year-and-a-half.” One of the reasons behind Federer’s decision to stay away from warm up tournaments is that he was participating in exhibition events in Brazil during the early part of the off season.

The Swiss star head to South America right after finishing a hectic season to earn more than seven million dollars. He is over 31-year-old now and his body won’t allow him to play without a break. He added, "It's a bit of a different preparation for the Australian Open this year but I'm confident I am mentally refreshed, which I am, and physically I am fine and that I will play a good Australian Open." Federer’s biggest rival during the last eight years Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the Australian Open but he will face severe competition from two 25-year-olds Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

Djokovic is the reigning world number one and Murray is full of confidence after capturing his maiden Grand Slam at the US Open. The Swiss Maestro went on to say, "I love the pressure of playing with a new generation coming up, who are, you know, improving quickly, and I have to work harder than them to stay at the top." Federer will be looking to win his fifth title at the Melbourne Park.

If he succeeds in winning the Australian Open for the fifth time, he will become the first player in open era to do so.