Tracy Austin :Bianca Andreeescu Was Smart to Take Break After US Open Win

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Tracy Austin :Bianca Andreeescu Was Smart to Take Break After US Open Win

Tennis - Tracy Austin, the former US Open winner champion and World No. 1, says it was smart of Bianca Andreescu and her team to take a three-week break after winning the US Open title. The Canadian teenager stunned the tennis world with her triumph in New York over Serena Williams and has been in the public spotlight ever since and will play in the China Open in Austin commented, "I think it was extremely smart of Bianca's team to say 'you know what, you've gone through a lot.

Without a doubt (fame) does come in a big wave after winning a Grand Slam because there's more of a demand on your time, and that's where you have to have a team around you that understands you — because you still have to then get back to playing tennis.

... The journey has become more complicated for her but her goals are the same." Speaking from her own experience, Austin commented, "There's (your life) before you win your first major and (your life) after you win your first major.

And it's pretty special. People know who you are, there are obviously more expectations. It really is life-changing. That just does not happen. Usually ... it's a slower progression but with her it's been absolutely meteoric.

The ranking at the start of the year, to winning the U.S. Open, and in the middle of it missing four or five months (with a shoulder injury), I've never seen anything like it." Austin believes that Andreescu will go on to win many more titles in the future and has all the makings of a champion.

"She's got the will and the determination of a champion and you just can't break her down. Her athleticism is fun to watch ... And she's got variety. She does things that keeps her opponent guessing."