Coach Cahill to Simona Halep:“Shut up and go to work!”

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Coach Cahill to Simona Halep:“Shut up and go to work!”

Simona Halep sent a special birthday message to her former and future 2020 coach – Darren Cahill -, on the Australian’s 54th birthday. Halep posted – on Instagram - a dialogue she had with Cahill on a Sunday, probably dating from the times when the two were working together (2016 – 2018).

Simona: “D[arren] , today it’s Sunday.. it’s a day off!” Cahill: “Simo, if you want to be the best there is no Sunday off !!!! Shut up and go to work!” Simona: “Ok boss” After the dialogue, Halep wrote her birthday wish for the coach who helped her win her first Grand Slam in her entire career.

“Happy birthday D[arren]. I wish you all the best and beautiful moments during the on court coaching” Besides this, the 2019 Wimbledon champion decided to celebrate Darren’s birthday by eating a tasty portion of pancakes assorted with jam.

The only problem was that Cahill was not at the table, so the Australian decided to give a response. “You’re celebrating for me, Simo?” Halep came rapidly with a positive response – “Yes”.

Cahill is a world-class tennis coach whose most noteworthy achievements are the triumphs at the 2001 US Open - with Lleyton Hewitt -, the 2003 Australian Open - with Andre Agassi -, and the 2018 French Open - with Simona Halep.

Darren took a break from coaching in 2019, but he is set to return training Halep at the start of 2020. Besides coaching, Darren is a tennis analyst and commentator for ESPN.