ATP umpire gets suspended after two serious controversies

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ATP umpire gets suspended after two serious controversies

Through a statement, ATP announced the Italian chair umpire Gianluca Moscarella was suspended after giving Pedro Sousa advice on how to beat Enrico Della Valle in the Florence Challenger, Italy, and making some inappropriate comments towards a ball girl on her looks.

"We are aware of a number of incidents involving chair umpire Gianluca Moscarella during a match between Pedro Sousa and Enrico Dalla Valle at the ATP Challenger Tour event Florence last week. Moscarella was immediately dismissed from the tournament when the matter was brought to light, and a full investigation has been initiated.

Meanwhile, Moscarella has been provisionally suspended from his services as a contracted ATP Official pending the results of the investigation," ATP stated. On a person from Shuai Zhang's player box in Beijing beating a fan in Beijing, the WTA stated: “The unfortunate incident which occurred after a match last night has been investigated and resolved.

The individual involved, a guest of Zhang Shuai's father, will not be returning to the China Open this week”. Sousa said: "I felt uncomfortable, I did not even know what to say. He told me, Dear Pedro, stay focused.

Two minutes and it's ended. You are doing well. I am old to stay for two hours on a court. I knew there were microphones on-court, I did not say anything, but then I learned that he was removed from the tournament and suspended while investigations were going.

Then the umpire apologized me but he was still sent home." Reporter Stefano Berlincioni first brought the incident to light through his tweets.