Simona Halep’s lover is ‘a beautiful boy who made a fortune’

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Simona Halep’s lover is ‘a beautiful boy who made a fortune’

Simona Halep’s millionaire boyfriend Toni Iuruc was praised by Dumitru Dragomir – former president of LPF (the governing body of Romania’s top football league) -, who grabbed a few cups of coffee with the mysterious man that stole the heart of the recently crowned Wimbledon champion.

"I met him. I grabbed a coffee with him three or four times. He's a very serious boy. He's friends with my son. He is a beautiful boy who made a fortune. He's wealthy, not a poor man”, said Dragomir for Digi Sport Matinal.

The former football official pointed out that Halep possesses more financial assets than Toni and praised her endeavors to promote Romania throughout the world. “However, he doesn't have as much money as she does.

Gentlemen, if we hadn't got Halep, no one would have heard about us. We would have heard only misery about this country”, said Dragomir. Simona Halep spoke about her relationship with Toni Iuruc in an interview for TVR1.

"Now I am more relaxed and open. I have a dear person. We have a normal relationship, I feel very well. But I would like it to stay personal. I belong to Romania when it's about tennis. Love and tennis can coincide, but I think personal life is the most important one. I am dating someone and I would never be able to sacrifice my family for tennis”, Halep declared.