Maria Sharapova bashed for selling unhealthy sweets

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Maria Sharapova bashed for selling unhealthy sweets

Tennis star Maria Sharapova has been launching her line of sweets branded by the name of Sugarpova in some of the biggest cities of the world but she is being slammed by child psychologists in UK and Australia recently for this unhealthy food’s promotion.

Sharapova launched the high-sugar sweets line in Melbourne today but has faced criticism because each bag contains 84 grams of sugar which is equivalent to 21 tea spoons of sugar or two cans of Coca Cola. The Russian star is herself promotion Sugarpova heavily that can put young boys and girls health at stake.

According to a research, 850, 000 people are living with undiagnosed diabetes in UK alone. Corrina Langelaan, who works for an Australian organisation which campaigns for responsible advertising and promotion of food, thinks that Sharapova should promote healthy lifestyle and not run after money by promoting this unhealthy food.

He said, “Maria Sharapova is a hugely influential athlete, admired by parents and children alike. She has a role to play in promoting healthy lifestyles and, with childhood obesity on the rise globally, spruiking a confectionary range smacks of irresponsible marketing.” Sugarpova has been launched in 12 different flavors with two of them being called Flirty and Playful which are targeting young girls and women.

Dr Justin Coulson, who is a child psychologist in Australia, thinks, “Sports stars have a disproportionately large influence on consumer behaviour, including that of children. So to be promoting an unhealthy habit like this seems entirely inappropriate.

Surely she can come up with something that's good for people?" However, the person who created the brand with Sharapova, Jeff Rubin, defended it by saying, “For me, someone who's been going to over 20 years of candy shows, we see different athletes at every show, selling an organic version of something or a healthy version of something or a natural version of something, when we all know that they all have sweet tooths and what they really love is gummies and sour.” Sharapova says that she has always been a candy lover.

She shared that she used to ask her parents for a lollipop after a good practice session when she was young.