Andre Agassi Talks About Importance of Education for Children

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Andre Agassi Talks About Importance of Education for Children

Tennis - Former World No. 1 Andre Agassi says he played tennis as it helped him connect to something much bigger - his goal to provide education to children and give them a choice in their lives. Agassi says, "My reason was something I was connected to that was much bigger than me.

It was my mission in education. To give children systemic change and systemic change in their life, when they didn’t have a choice. I didn’t have a choice in mine. So kids without choice, in a broken education system, lead to some pretty desperate, desperate things.

So when I really made that my mission, tennis became a vehicle for something I really was connected to, and I have a whole different reaction to being out there on the tennis court." Speaking about the importance of education, Agassi says, "It changes lives.

It doesn’t feel like band-aids. You’re giving tools. You’re giving power. You’re giving ownership to a child for a life of their choosing. I feel like with it comes hope, comes possibilities, and opportunity and responsibility and accountability.

So I just connected to it because I felt like I was chasing my tail trying to provide other things that children didn’t have." Speaking about being a father to his children, Agassi says, "That I need to learn more than I teach because that is everything and guidance is always knowing where your children are, and why and how.

So it’s constant learning. A lot more learning than I ever thought. Listen, you can only control yourself. I don’t know if you can control anybody else but for me, you need to reflect what you care about. And I think that if you care about love in your life, then that needs to be prioritized above self."