Jack Sock juggles with right tournaments to help improve his game

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Jack Sock juggles with right tournaments to help improve his game

"People will still like to hate on me this year and I played like five events and not many matches," Jack Sock had truthfully said as he was interviewed at the Fairfield Challenger event. He has confidence and trust in his game no matter what direction it heads.

After the U.S. Open where he bowed out at the opening round in singles to Pablo Cuevas, he had success in doubles. Sock had went through to the quarterfinals by partnering with John Isner in doubles. He looked for some spirit, inspiration and fun, which he found at the Laver Cup in Geneva, Switzerland.

Sock's game in singles and doubles came together as he was able to win over Fabio fognini and the third round in doubles with Isner. The environment was electric which helped gnerate a great winning spirit. It was beneficial for Sock to be surrounded by an array of players from different backgrounds, most of which he had played before.

"I'm definitely playing with more confidence after that event, with more energy and more positivity..." Sock happily said. The Laver Cup was a complete success and finished with. Where was Jack Sock to go afterwards? It ws the Fairfield Challenger in Fairfield, California.

He was pitted with Jack Draper, a Great Britainer whose scored the 2108 runner-up of Boys' Wimbledon singles. He had won three Challengers in the United Kingdom but brought with him to Fairfield a load of blasting forehands and tough strategies that Sock found difficult to handle.

They dueled to three sets and when it came down to the wire, Draper grabbed the victory at 3-6, 7-6, 6-3. Sock looks at this as just a slight hiccup towards claiming consistency and wins. He knows any tournament he can get into with a wildcard or qualify for is worth the try.

"I gotta go back, get some points and get a singles rankings back started." But it was Jack Draper who felt his career was off and running as he ranked no. 375 and defeated Sock who is 210. Draper couldn't believe that he'd gotten a victory over the Nebraska guy feeling that this is the pivotal time of having a more successful career.

"I served really well and I tried to not allow him to dictate how the mach was played," the 17-year-old Draper said on playing Jack Sock. "He's got a lot of big weapons at his disposal, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't bullied out there on the court.

I thought I came out and executed well and it was a good performance." Briton's Draper explained how the venue is the key in making a player win or lose as Jack Sock's playing the Laver Cup. Draper says "I really like the atmosphere here.

The organizers are great, the refs are great and the venue is amazing." But Jack Sock has to keep his tournaments moving. He wants to see a difference and feel the good vibe. "I'm going to try to finish off the year on a good note," he says with a twinkle in his eyes and a big grin. He knows it can happen but the question is where and when.