Elina Svitolina shares how love story with Gael Monfils started

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Elina Svitolina shares how love story with Gael Monfils started

During a Q&A session on Saturday with fans on Instagram Stories, Elina Svitolina shared how her love story with boyfriend Gael Monfils started. Revealing the details behind their first date, Svitolina shared what Monfils wrote her on a text message.

"Wanna have lunch tomorrow with me in Paris?" Asked if most tennis players make enough money to do anything after their career, Svitolina replied: "Depends on the rankings and how many years you have been on Tour (also how much do you like to have a good life).

Most of the players work too afterwards", said the Ukrainian, who plans to work more on her Foundation and coach kids once her career is over. What is her biggest motivation? "Trophies." Reflecting on her North American hard-court season, in a press conference Svitolina said: "It was a great run, not only in the US Open but in the States in general.

I think I played some good matches and for sure I would like to play a little bit better to maybe get a title out of the four tournaments I played, but it was a good step for me for after the grass season and that was quite good."

On the six-year-old Ukrainian tennis prodigy Dima Kuzminov, who she met some time ago, Svitolina concluded: "Unfortunately I don't remember because I meet lots of kids and it's tough to point one of them out.

But definitely they have the love for the game, that's very important. From such a young age to be introduced into tennis, I think it's amazing, because tennis teaches you discipline and that's from, for the kids, it's something that gives them lots of opportunities for the future.

So if they decide to move abroad, that's probably the right way. If they feel strongly about it, they just need to be confident in their action and for sure there's going to be some chances for him to improve his game."